Real-Time Management

Real-time prices

Create individual price lists/price groups tailor made for every customer - ensuring that everyone is accessing the latest information.

Open multiple workspaces to segment your organization focusing on each specific sales channel (per type of client, geography, etc.)

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collaborate as team consentio

Collaborate on Consentio Teams

Add your colleagues to your workspace and share all the relevant information such as products, prices, clients,orders etc.

 Have a birds-eye view on the organizations’ performance with our sales dashboards and use our analytics to forecast your sales accurately.

Dynamic Product Catalog

In seconds, add or edit your product catalog - including prices, quantities, packaging. All customisable, available to be bulk uploaded.

With a digital catalog, you can show-off the best of your products! And buyers, you can transform endless excels with a buying space just for you.

online catalog
manage orders app

Manage your orders

Stay on top of all orders with a special ‘sales’ / ‘purchases’ space, you can filter through transactions processed in the platform.

Filter through your orders by workspace, seller,date and currency. Also, go check out your top clients and products sold!

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Create your Own Showroom

Detailed product description

Your products are unique - and your customers deserve to see them! With a fullvisual catalog on display, new sales opportunities can arise.

Put all the correct specifications, upload the pictures to go with it, share your catalog and watch your sales skyrocket.

sell fruits and vegetables online
e-commerce fruits and vegetables

Smart e-commerce

Sell while you sleep! The online catalog can generate sales 24/7, so you don’t need to be actively at your computer or taking calls for orders to come in!

Fully customizable online shop, with your unique corporate colours, logos and tailored pricing for each client.  

Create and manage your product categories

Have thousands of products? Not to worry, you can group products into a category - making it simpler for your clients to buy.

Trade Internationally? With inbuilt multi-language and multi-currency, you can set your categories up so it's the most relevant experience for your buyers.

fresh produce online catalog
app for fresh produce

Stay in Control  

If a product is out of stock, or a seasonal product is back in the mix, notify your customers real-time by switching the green button on or off!

Go one step further and setup tailored catalogs for each client to ensure they can have the best buying experience.

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Scale your Activity

Optimize your daily operations

Leave behind countless excels, pdfs, e-mails and phone calls and have your entire trading process streamlined on one platform

Making great deals for your company will be easily visualised in our live dashboards so you and your colleagues can get visibility on your achievements.

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data encrypted

100% Safe

All your data in Consentio is encrypted. This is to ensure data privacy laws and the European GDPR and other business confidentiality laws apply.

Consentio improves your control on data within client management - and also secures the key information exchanged within the organization.

Elevate your communication

With groups, invite your network (whether they are inside or outside of Consentio) to the community,and, with broadcast lists send a push notification of any special offering or updates.

To make things more colourful, enjoy using a wide array of Emojis to react to your messages and orders! 🚀🥑 etc…. Add also GIFs !

communication tool
ERP integration

Consentio Integration

We connect with your current ERP - allowing you to automatically synchronise the key information of your IT systems and our platform (orders, stocks, price groups, etc.).

This functionality is real-time, so any orders/prices/availability processed in Consentio will be updated within seconds

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