Real-Time Management

Real-time price updates

Price lists can be created and maintained instantly, by product or specific to a customer, ensuring that both seller and purchaser are always using the latest price.

With a ‘master account’, prices can be created company company-wide, so large sales teams always have immediate access to the latest pricing.

Communicate & Collaborate

Communication within the fruits & vegetables industry is dynamic with often several parties communicating at the same time. Here at Consentio we understand that - allowing you and your team-members to communicate internally and also with your customers teams´.

Product updates

Selling requires speed. Whether you need to edit or add a new product, your prices, the quantities, your packaging or other specifics, you can change it in a second!

Control your orders

Keeping an administration of all your sales and purchases is a hassle, so we automated that for you. Gain an insight in your business by a quick glance at our ´My Orders´ menu.

You can also set the parameters to see information you need, all your sales in April, for example.

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Create your Own Showroom

Upload your products

Your products are unique, and you and your customers deserve to see that, even online! Upload your products in Consentio. Put in all the right specifications, and upload a picture to go with it. Now tell me that Maracuja isn’t a thing of beauty!

Smart e-commerce solution

Generate your product catalog with our smart one click software. Customise it on the go as you see fit, with your logo´s, colours and pictures. Share your catalog with your customers in their favourite way - we support it all!

Stay in control

Wouldn't it be amazing to manage your entire product catalog from whichever device you want, wherever you are in the world? With Consentio you can!

Whether a product is out of stock, or a seasonal product is back in business, notify your customers in real-time by switching the green button either on or off.

Share your products

¨If you can’t share, you can’t multiply!¨ Would you like to share a single type of strawberry? All your strawberry variations? Or an entire mix of products? We hear you! You can now add some colour to your customers day! Share your fresh products in real-time.

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Scale your Activity

Optimize your workflow

Improve your work and automate your tedious and time consuming administrative tasks - Allowing you to spend more time with your business partners!

Making great deals for your company should be celebrated, not be rewarded with hours of administration to process. At Consentio we take care of that for you!


Consentio improves clients data management and exchange processes. Consentio improves the control and understanding of the data and information exchange processes involved in trade.

All your data in Consentio is encrypted. This is to ensure data privacy laws and the European GDPR and other business confidentiality laws apply.

Enhance your communication

Shrink your communication tool stack! Paper? Online? A mix of 8 or more different tools? Eliminate these problems - by using Consentio. We have everything you need, and more!

Your business contacts are old school? Don’t worry, we automate the old fashioned way of orders too! So you get to enjoy the Consentio benefits, always!

Integrate your Consentio

We integrate with your current ERP. Allowing you to transfer business data from Consentio to other departments of your business that need it.

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