At Consentio we are on a mission

 715k tons of F&V get lost or
25% of clean water is used to produce food that is
$1 TRILLION is misspent in
15% of F&V get lost during TRANSPORTATION
We aim to unite the fruits and vegetables community to minimize food loss.

Our goal is to sharpen communication and transparency for producers, wholesalers and supermarkets so that every business transaction is optimized - existing business relationships transferred to the digital space to prevent logistical issues in times of crisis - and, also to reduce administrative tasks so you can focus on the main thing that drives business : your customers.

We have seen great initiatives so far such as voluntary product certification and self-declaration, and we aim to work in partnership with the great efforts and positive momentum that have been made already.

At every step of the way, we are committed to protecting your profits, people and planet.

It's time for a change

We are ready to accompany you on your path.

 Start your journey in becoming a part of a more sustainable F&V supply chain.

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UN global compact


Helping the world become more sustainable is one of our primary goals at Consentio.

Our data centres run on clean energy and we are an active member of the United Nations Global Compact and Biovegen - every day striving to improve our ability to reduce food loss.

We welcome collaborations with impact associations and we would love to hear from you.

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Consentio is also member of Global GAP, a trademark and set of standards for Good Agricultural Practices, and an important certification for growers to differenciate in the value chain.

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