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Consentio is your virtual business hub where all the members of the team can access and share the information in real -time.  

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Configure prices per client

In fresh produce, agility is key –  create specific pricelists, tailored per product per customer to optimize your client management. 

We offer you full flexibility to add as many clients and rates as you need. 

Automate your processes and achieve your sales objectives in just a few clicks! .

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Order automation

Consentio can upload all unique formats from any of your customers -transforming the long hours of manual data entry to a streamlined and automated process.

With Consentio plugged into your ERP system, you can have all of your accepted orders showing up there within seconds.

Performance dashboards and analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Our platform provides real-time dashboards for you to get a better overview of your business. Including top sold products and clients.

Elevate the teams’ productivity with tailored insightson each salesperson’s performance. Make informed decisions!

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