Consentio for Wholesalers

We are the virtual home for your commercial team where they trade and store business information. Consentio does 100% of what a CRM does, but a CRM doesn’t do 20% of what Consentio does. We are built for wholesaler teams to trade better with suppliers and customers.

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Create your own showroom

Fruits & Vegetables are some of the most beautiful and natural things the world has to offer. The excel spreadsheets don’t show this, but, through Consentio’s showroom – these photos can be on display for your customers to see!

Your company colours, logos, products, details of products - we show it all! Prices? You show them to who you want to show them. By default the Consentio showroom doesn’t show prices.

Do you trade internationally? Our multi-lingual showroom comes in the top 8 languages for the industry (EN, ES, FR, DE, NL, IT, CA, ZH).

Order '3x' faster

Sending and receiving orders is a piece of cake.

Prices are always accurate and up to date, there is no need to check availability as that’s taken care of too. With lightning fast button clicks you compose your orders, and on the other hand they are accepted with the touch of a button, and can even be set to accept automatically for the most trusted customers. The administration that comes after the order - Automated.

We offer the flexibility to use whatever device you prefer, wherever you are in the world, and, all of this within our visually pleasing UI. Give your team and your customers the powerful digital tool for their business.

Integrate your data

We can integrate Consentio with your current systems. Spending hundreds of hours manually typing information into spreadsheets and your ERP now can be replaced through our platform – ensuring that it is mistake free and efficient.

You want commercials to focus on the trading, let us take care of the administration and watch your entire team become more productive!

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