Consentio for Producers

We help you be able to spend more time in the field rather than in the office. Having the best quality and tasty products is what you would like to spend your time on – we know that. Read below what Consentio can do for you.

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Mobile sales & order preparation

Sell and have the order details in the palm of your hands, wherever you are!

You just came back from working in the field, and you are now in the warehouse to prepare the new orders to be sent. What happened? You forgot the order specifics in the office? Not with Consentio! Have your complete order details with you wherever you go!

Accept new incoming orders on the go. Enable auto-accept button for your must trusted customers, so you can keep working on your produce, and let it sell itself in Consentio.

Promote your produce with broadcast lists

Make your customers aware that you have a sharp offer for them through our broadcast feature to push more sales.

Produce is about to expire? Food waste is both tragic and bad for business. In just seconds, communicate to all of your customers your last-minute deals.

Send promotions to your broadcast lists

Let Consentio function as your business administration tool. Control what comes in and what goes out – and, what you sold for what price each month. We easily display the information that you want to see with real-time dashboards. From communication to sales to administration, we can automate this for you.

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