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We help you manage and grow your business through day-to-day trading optimization. You can now accelerate your business network through Consentio.

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Sales & order preparation

Sell and have the order details in the palm of your hands, wherever you are, 24/7!

Accept new incoming orders on the go. Use the auto-accept button for your most trusted customers, so you can keep working on your produce, and let Consentio do the rest!

Work as a team with Consentio

One team, one dream. Invite your colleagues to your Consentio workspace and share all important information such as clients, products, prices and orders.  

Going on holidays? With Consentio workspaces activate the ‘out of office’ button to have your colleagues handle the orders while you’re out!

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Send promotions to all your clients in one click

In seconds, send a push notification to your clients’ phone with the special offering or deals that you have available.

You can even use broadcast lists for a maximum outreach and a minimum effort!

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