The trading app
for goods

Instantly sell and promote your products, to your clients.
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The tool for sellers

The tool for sellers

Sell like never before
with a one-to-one
communication tool
Your own showroom

Your own showroom

Manage your list of
products from your phone
and promote them at a glance
Instant price update

Instant price update

Notify your clients when you change the price of a product.
Better than email campaigns
Deal management

Deal management

Forget about scrolling up your chats
to find what you agreed
with your buyers.

What is consentio?

Consentio is a platform that leverages technology
to streamline trading processes.
We transform the way businesses transact physical goods.

  • All your portfolio of products automatically classified in one unique place.
  • Usability from the consumer world combined with the power that your business needs.
  • Control the clients that receive your prices everyday.
  • One-to-one communication tool with the best from your ERP and CRM.

Main advantages

Product Management
Multiple clients at once
Conversational commerce
Formal confirmation
You own the data

From promoting to closing deals


Modify your prices

Move up or down the price
of your products
in a few taps.

Update your showroom

Choose which products are visible
or hidden in the showroom
that buyers see.

Clients get notified

Your clients automatically receive
your new prices in their phones.

Convert deals in orders

Close deals at a glance
and the purchase order
get send to both of you.

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Security and Confidentiality

Information is key for your business.
That is why all your sensible data is stored in your account.

  • Keep your prices away from competitors.
    Your information is only shared with your inner circle.
  • You are the only owner of your data.
    We do not sell your information to third parties.

The team

We are a solid team with years of international entrepreneurial experience.

Benoit Vandevivere

CEO & Co-Founder

Vincent Rosso

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

José Manuel Peso

Head of Engineering

Richard Fauconnier

Customer Success Manager

Juliana Mendez

German Market Expert

Jesús Pindado

Senior Software Engineer