Talk with experts from the agri-food industry/ Carlota Martínez, Paula Cinto, Elena Arroyo

Today we talk to Carlota Martínez (Nutrition and Health Area), Paula Cinto (Sustainability) and Elena Arroyo (Competitiveness and Public Affairs) about the present, future and curiosities of the agri-food sector. 01:12 Can you tell us about how you are linked to the agri-food sector? 05:30 What is the current state of fruit and vegetable consumption in Spain? 09:25 Are we facing a new stage of consumption with an impact on producers? 14:49 What should consumers know in order to exercise their power? 18:57 How to deal with packaging in a culture guided towards sustainability? 22:36 Is there currently more capital invested in green companies? 25:36 Are there enough female faces in key roles in the agri-food industry? 31:21 Where is the agri-food industry heading?

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