Sustainable agriculture with social value with Carlos Gómez de Groots

Today we chat with Carlos Gómez of Groots to learn the details of the vertical farming project that is revolutionizing Barcelona. 00:35 How did you start Groots and what is it all about? 01:39 What is vertical farming? 02:38 What values drive the project? 03:51 How many people are in the team? 04:22 How do they calculate the water, soil and kilometers they save with their project? 05:20 What do you grow? 05:48 How does your packaging work? 06:22 You have started selling Bonpreu, how has this process been? 07:32 What is your business model? 09:04 How do your urban gardens work and the training you do for immigrants? 12:06 How easy is it to learn from vertical farming? 13:29 How has Covid-19 impacted Groots? 15:15 How to contact Groots? Translated with (free version)

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