Robotic devices for grain monitoring with Lorenzo Conti, CEO of Crover

00:54 - What’s Crover? 01:18 - Who is Lorenzo? 02:02 - How does the idea of creating a robotic device for grain monitoring came about? 04:29 - What are the benefits for the sector? 06:31 - How did the idea of a startup came? 07:58 - How did you manage the process of starting something from scratch and then trying to launch it? 10:16 - Have you thought about applying your technology in fresh produce? 11:45 - What are your long terms goals? 13:32 - What is the impact you have on the environment? 14:33 - Do you believe that after Covid-19 people will be more likely to invest in disruptive tech? 16:36 - How did you find the sector with your project? Did you find difficult to fit in? 18:12 - How to contact you?