F&V with personality with Oriol Aldomà, co-founder of Imperfectus

00:38 How and with whom did you decide to found Imperfectus? 04:20 What are the parameters you follow to choose the fruits and vegetables that go into the Imperfectus box? 06:34 How is the relationship with the producers and how did they accept the proposal? 08:48 How easy has it been to familiarize yourself with all the products and their specifications? 10:05 In what area of ​​Spain do you distribute? 10:22 How do you pack the boxes in a sustainable way? 12:44 How do you manage your logistics? 14:45 After confinement, do you think consumers have changed their habits? Did they notice it in your company? 17:15 How effective is the surprise factor in your boxes for you? 18:45 How to contact you?

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