Building a network of growers with Jussi Alitalo CEO of GreenFood Iberica

0:40 tell us more about yourself and how GreenFood was born? 03:20 Can you tell us about the process of moving to a new country and beginning to grow a network of producers from scratch? 05:45 You carry 3 different brands that are daily greens, pick & juice and just greens. Can you tell us more about each of those brands and why you decide to create them 08:20 What is the process for producers to join GreenFood Iberica? Do you have any specific requirements? 10:38 Can you tell us more about the project “Plant for Life” project and what it entails? 12:55 What are GreenFood’s goals besides ``Plant for life” to be more sustainable? 14:00 What challenges do you think this industry faces when deciding to become more sustainable and do you have any advice on how to overcome them? 17:15What does the future look like for GreenFood Iberica? Do you have any more projects coming soon? expanding operations to new countries? 18:13 Social media and website info for listeners to connect with GreenFood Iberica

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