Transparent solutions to strengthen relations and supply

June 5, 2024

The fruit and vegetable sector's diversity and dynamism present challenges in maintaining a global, continuous supply of fresh produce, emphasizing the need for transparency in conveying information on food safety, quality, and sustainability.

Access, quality and timeliness of information 

The European TITAN project, supported by tools like Consentio, aims to improve transparency, innovation, and sustainability in food supply chains and understands transparency as the degree of understanding and access to product-related information when requested. Transparency implies the lack of noise, loss, delay, and distortion of this information, focusing on access, quality, and timeliness. Consentio's ecosystem is built and designed to evolve in this mindset: by supporting these three fundamentals of transparency, it enables its users to arm themselves with the means to improve and sustain their (commercial) operations.

Today's needs, tomorrow's solutions

Transparency is shifting from a competitive edge to a standard essential, necessitating reliable data sharing, process standardization, and ongoing assessment of upstream business partners (suppliers).

Improving transparency requires a thorough understanding of the current and future needs of companies in the field. It is therefore essential to meet with them and to understand the challenges they face, as well as the interest they have in transparency - or the benefits they derive from it.

Wageningen University & Research, as part of the TITAN project, is actively working at a better understanding of stakeholders’ interest in transparency, in order to collect essential information to define tomorrow’s needs. Stay tuned, as we will dedicate a second article to deepdive in their project: objectives, methods and concrete results!

A standard and basis for trust

Transparency is now becoming a standard. Increasingly data declaration is compulsory, and even when not compulsory, other data such as the environmental impact, ethics and health is highly valued by today's society. The empowered consumer wants to make informed choices!

Transparency is an excellent means of building trust between suppliers, companies and customers, and must be guaranteed at all times. Consentio, as a TITAN partner, is committed to helping companies in the sector build businesses with operational continuity, improving their business performance and optimizing their supply chains for greater efficiency and transparency.

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