The evolving roles and needs of stakeholders in European supply chains

April 9, 2024

Following our blog published in February talking about transparency in the fresh produce sector: Transparent solutions to strengthen relations and supply | Consentio, let's see how researchers from the Wageningen University investigate the subject.

Access, quality and timeliness of information

The European TITAN project aims to support the development of a wide range of innovations to improve transparency and make food systems fairer, healthier and environmentally friendlier. TITAN defines transparency as the degree of understanding and access to accurate and timely product-related information when requested, without noise, loss, delay, and distortion of this information. As transparency is shifting from a competitive edge to a standard essential for informed buyer and supplier choices - necessitating reliable datasharing, stakeholder collaboration and trust -, availability of such information is critical to improving transparency in EU food systems and related supply chains.

Today’s needs, tomorrow’s solutions

Assistant Professor Dr. Verena Otter, postdoctoral researcher Dr. Douglas Robinson and Ph.D. candidate Santiago Morales Hilarion from the Business Management & Organisation chair group at Wageningen University (WU), independent research partners inside the European TITAN project, investigate the evolving roles and needs of stakeholders in various food supply chains in the EU. Fresh fruit and vegetable supply chains are of particular interest due to their importance in many EU countries and the perishability of the products.

Understanding the perspective of multiple stakeholders on digital transparency is crucial to generate and disseminate implications that can guide business and policy decision-makers towards optimizing supply chain network strategies and relationships, and ultimately improving food system sustainability. Dr. Verena Otter: "For gaining a deep and to the ground understanding of practitioners realities, you need to give stakeholders a voice by bringing them at one table together and discuss the topic openly. We from WU organize interactive multi-stakeholder workshops to encourage those discussions as part of the TITAN project". Major topics of the workshops are stakeholder relationships, and their transparency interests and challenges to anticipate future technological and organizational demands.

Dr. Douglas Robinson: "Novel digital technologies fortransparency in the agri-food sector are vital for EU businesses to sustain competitive advantages, unlock new markets and addressing sustainability challenges. But understanding and engaging with stakeholders affected by these new innovations is crucial to their development and successful implementation."

Interested in finding out more about their research? Contact the WU team!

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