Marketing strategies for the fruit and vegetables sector

Paola E. Haiat
December 21, 2023

In our blog on Buying and selling fruits and vegetables online we discussed the importanceof digitalisation in the fruit and vegetables sector, above all in the beginning of Covid-19 lockdowns, highlighting the average weekly growth of 21.6% in onlinesales of fresh produce in the distribution sector between the months of February and May 2020. With this in mind, marketing strategies for the fruit and vegetables sector have changed drastically tofocus on online marketing. Adapting to this new reality raises many questions about how to implement a reliable and effective Marketing plan. Here are our recommendations.

What do I need to develop a marketing strategy in the fruit and vegetable sector?

1.       Connect via social networks

From LinkedIn where you can connect with other professionals in the sector to Tiktok where you can talk about your crops or the daily events in your fruit and vegetable business or the in-store presentation of your products. Social networks are an extremely useful channel through which to connect with your potential customers and build up loyalty.


2.       Take full advantage of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables

You may be wondering what this means? People are aware that fruits and vegetables are beneficial to their general health, but what if you take it a step further and provide them with useful and precise information about your products? If you grow them, you could add relevant data about the crop on the packaging, or if you sell them you could show characteristics at the point of sale that serve to highlight their qualities. In a recent talk with experts from the agri-foodindustry we touched on the value of such information and how to take advantage of packaging. You can listen to it here. There are dozens of unexpected combinations!


tecnology for fruits and vegetables

3.      Create digital spaces for your products

An online catalogue for your fruits and vegetables, to give just one example, not only does it allow you to sell at any time from any place, but also as a way of highlighting the attractiveness of your products. Moreover, you can easily share it across your networks and chats so that purchasing is just one click away.


4.      Link up with sector influencers

There are people out there specialising in highly specific market niches, and the world of fruit and vegetables is one of them! Finding people to promote your products and brand will ensure targeted audiences become aware of what you have to offer. You can also link up with people interested in your produce and all that lies behind it.

5.       Consolidate partnerships

In addition to influencers, other outlets are available such as publishers specialising in research papers or cookery books in which fruit and vegetables are the main ingredients. There are also schools looking for innovative ways to make fruit and vegetables popular among their students (which could be via your first-hand accounts and any materials you could provide them). The possibilities are infinite, you just need to find the angle that best suits what you’re after.


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