Fruit and vegetable wholesalers

Andrea Duarte
December 21, 2023

Welcome to the third part of our series, "Understanding the Supply Chain!" We want to give you tips, relevant information to help you make your business more efficient. If this is your first visit here, we invite you to read our articles Where to sell fruits and vegetables?, and Improving the sales of fruits and vegetables online and offline. After reading the other publications, we want to thank you if you have arrived here! We will talk specifically about wholesalers in the fruit and vegetable industry on this occasion.


The supply chain is the path for product commercialization: from its production or manufacture to its arrival to the final consumer. This chain is made up of different people and companies that facilitate the circulation of the product to adapt to the needs and characteristics of each sales channel. Fruit and vegetable wholesalers are one of the essential links in the chain.


Who are the fruit and vegetable wholesalers?

As we already know, they are a component of the distribution chain that sources their products from producers, exporters, or other wholesalers and sells their products to retailers, foodservice professionals, or other wholesalers. In general, they are found on the Food Terminals.


What is Food Terminal? 

It is a physical site where the purchase, sale, and exchange of fresh products or other food products are carried out. They are generally located in metropolitan areas. The Food terminals are ultra-dynamic spaces where all the conditions of purchase/sale are negotiated daily (price, delivery, volumes, etc.).

According to the FAO, the "wholesale" markets are the most widely used commercial channel due to grouping a very diversified, continuous, and accessible product offer. As a result, all the different sales channels (retailers, restaurants, exporters, supermarkets, etc.) can find everything they need.

fruit and vegetable wholesaler

You are a wholesaler: how can you stand out from the competition?

Today, there is a multitude of fruit and vegetable wholesalers. When you want to promote your offer and your service to your customers, different factors must be considered to stand out from your competitors. That's why we give you here 3 tips to promote your products to your customers better:


1.   Identify the markets and customers you want to reach: Visit the Food Terminals and analyze the audience you want to get; you will have to think about an action plan to offer and sell your products.

2.   Create your catalog on Consentio: having a catalog in which you gather all the names and references of your products will be very useful for your future buyers and better organize yourself.

3.   Share your catalog online: when creating your fruit and vegetable catalog on Consentio, you can generate a URL and even a QR code that you can then send to anyone interested in your products, to your contacts, and to wholesalers, you would like to work with. It's a simple way to get the word out about your products and acquire customers.


Having unique and high-quality products will be factors that will help you sell your product more efficiently and negotiate better prices.


Finally, to strengthen your business relationships, conduct all your transactions on Consentio. On the platform, you can place orders, coordinate logistics, and chat with your customers, making all your processes more straightforward and more efficient.  

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