Improve the way you sell fruits and vegetables online and offline

Andrea Duarte
December 21, 2023

Welcome to the second part of our series “Understanding the chain”! We want to give you tips, relevant information and answer your concerns to boost your business. If you have already read our blog “Where to sell fruit and vegetables” you will know what we mean when we say you eat with your eyes, and that is why today we give you a guide on how to improve your fruit and vegetables display, we will also tell you the benefits this brings to your business and show you some examples. 

How to improve the display of my fruit and vegetables? 

Do you know what visual merchandising is? It is a Marketing tool that seeks to generate a visual impact to attract, motivate and involve the customer to make a purchase. That's why we'll give you some visual merchandising tips so you can sell more fruit and vegetables both online and offline. 

Selling fruit and vegetables offline

No matter who your customer is, first impressions will always be the one that stays in their mind, that's why presenting your products in the best way can be the start of a long term relationship. In addition, having a good display will better position you in the minds of your customers and will allow you to create a reputation in the market.

1. Choose the right products
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your business will allow you to select the right products to display. The important thing is that they reflect the quality you want your business to be known for. In addition, it is important to communicate adequately and visibly all the necessary and relevant information about each one of them. 

2. Choose the right container
The containers you choose for your display influence the purchasing decision, as they can elevate and enhance the appearance of your fruit and vegetables. Think carefully when choosing a container about whether it really contributes to the attractiveness of your products. 

3. Always fresh and clean

This point is very important. Make sure your display always looks clean and fresh. This can be achieved through daily general cleaning, which will also help you to avoid odors. You can also draw your customers' attention by putting the best-looking products at their eye level.  

Selling fruit and vegetables online

Digitalization is becoming more and more involved in our lives. It is now normal to receive an online catalog and shop via this means. Therefore, selling fruit and vegetables online is the next challenge for our business and we teach you the best way to do it. 

1. Take the best photos of your products
It does not matter if you do it or you decide to hire a professional, what is important is that the images reflect the quality of the product and are eye-catching enough for your customer. Therefore, try to take them in natural light, use a camera that provides sufficient quality and avoid overloaded backgrounds. 

2. Make the most accurate description of your product
Your customer will not be able to touch, taste or smell your product, so the information you provide such as origin, category or packaging play a decisive role in their purchasing decision. 

3. Create a catalog with names that are easy to remember
This will allow your customers to easily and quickly reorder the products they are interested in. Also try to have your inventory aligned with the catalog to make your logistics more efficient. 

As we have already said, you eat with your eyes, and it is normal for your customers to look at the appearance of your products. Having everything in its place will allow the customer to have a wide and clear vision of your products, allowing them to choose from a wider variety of the best options and take away a quality image of your business. And if you still want to know more, we recommend reading our Ebook, a guide that will help you optimize the management of your fruit and vegetable section.

Competition "The most beautiful fruit and vegetable section in France"

Together with Je bosse en grande distribution, we held a competition in France to recognize the most beautiful fruit and vegetable shelves in supermarkets. 

And we thought it was a good opportunity to share some pictures of the winning shelves! With over 300 participants we were happy to recognize the talent and effort behind fruit and vegetable sections.

And there will be more competitions like this one!

beautiful fruit and vegetable section
Hyper U Les Herbiers
Winner of the category "The most local"
sales fruit and vegetables online
Intermarché Faïenceries de Sarreguemines
Winner of the category "The most shocking"
sales fruits and vegetables offline
E.Lecrec Lescure d'Albigeois
Winner of the category "Public vote"

The best advice for selling fruit and vegetables is to optimize the management of your business to the maximum, as this will help it grow and be scalable. We hope you have enjoyed this blog and that our tips help you to take your sales to a new level.

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