3 distinct opportunities only found in the food supply chain

Jaclyn Krymowski
December 21, 2023

Today’s food supply chain stands unique among other modern industries. It is a keystone for life as we know it but having many intricacies and a perishable nature requires rigorous distribution that is effective and safe.

Because of its continuous demand and ever-changing nature, this sector is rife with room for innovation and change. Considering the many disruptions and accelerating technology, the food supply chain has opened some one-of-a-kind opportunities for innovators, producers, distributors and marketers all across the globe.


Connecting people and produce

More people are cooking at home and subsequently buying more fresh produce. Last year, sales increased 11% according to the Food Industry Association’s “Power of Produce” report. According to the report, 85% said they wanted more information on the produce they purchase – a trend seen throughout the food and agriculture industries.

This has left room for companies to harness technology and media to do just that. For example, imaging technologies are emerging to tell the health and ripeness of plants and sensors that can detect gas emissions to prevent spoilage. These are tools that not only help those within the production, processing and distribution sectors, but it can be relayed to consumers thanks to the internet and wireless monitoring.

food suply chain


Sustainability technology

Making a more sustainable supply chain relies heavily on technology and new ideas. Not only is this important for our world, it’s also increasingly important for marketability. According to a study from GreenPoint, an environmental technology company, 78% of consumers are more likely to purchase products that are labeled as environmentally friendly.

There are several ways in which technology can aid in the pursuit of sustainability, including environmental control, monitoring carbon footprint and much more. For companies that can invest in the research to do this, adding such technology is a great way to increase value and earn greater consumer trust.


Adding value through convenience

Something that people are undeniably willing to pay more for is convenience. Food is no exception to this rule, and thanks to our evolving world, there are ample opportunities to get creative in this area. Look no further than the massive uptick in at-home meal kits and takeout/delivery services made available.

Not only can this increase business, but this will also greatly strengthen the supply chain overall and distribution. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, adding value is a viable tool for enhancing rural development – and it can happen at different stages of production all the way through delivery.


It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the food supply chain at any stage! But with an abundance of opportunity also comes the challenge of staying vigilant and valuing flexibility to stay prolific. At Consentio, we want to be part of making you successful in this fast-paced and energetic world. Let us help by giving you the right tools to do just that!


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