Demands of consumers in the fruit and vegetable sector, 2021

Paola E. Haiat
December 21, 2023

In 2020, consumers bought 14.2% more vegetables, which reminds us of an article published in Progressive Grocer which analyses the study "The Power of Produce 2021". But not only did purchases increase, the pandemic prompted 71% of the population to be more inclined to include fruit and vegetables in their diets, pushing up sales of fresh food by 11.4%. Faced with new trends, the demands of the fruit and vegetable sector have changed and have given rise to new demands.

During the talk we had on the "Interview with Food Industry Experts" podcast, we touched on some of these new market demands, and our guests mentioned qualities such as commitment to sustainability and demands from consumers to know more about the product being brought to their tables, with special emphasis on the exciting new challenges that the fresh produce industry could face in the coming years.

In a similar vein, "The Power of Produce" points out that three out of ten consumers have admitted that they are willing to pay "more" for "products with added value". What does all this mean for fruit and vegetable suppliers?


More and better information

Where do the products come from? What are their qualities? Who grew them? More details, more information and greater precision. 85% of those interviewed in "The Power of Produce" stated that they wanted more information on the fruits and vegetables they buy.

This requires both the establishment of traceability between the producer and the supermarket or point of sale, allowing these details to be provided and, of course, the promotion of strategies to raise awareness of this information. The future lies in knowing how to communicate to consumers that what they have in front of them is healthy, has been properly cared for since its production, and will be ani nvestment in their health.


Boosting variety

78% of shoppers acknowledged that they had changed their habits to "experiment" with ingredients that they would not normally have included in their diet. At a historical moment when the answer to "What should I eat?" is found on sites such as TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, opening channels that show consumers that you have innovative proposals and that you have products that your customers (or their customers) can continue to experiment with is a plus for your business.

consumers demands fruits and vegetables


Value-added products

37% of buyers admit to wanting pre-washed or pre-cut products that facilitate preparation time. The combinations are endless, and proposing new ways to put already familiar ingredients to new use may be a key factor in the consumer's decision. Combining this need with proposals for ecological packaging or sustainable products allows consumer needs to be met in a creative way and with a positive impact!


Innovating at this historic juncture is a great opportunity, and having the best tools at your fingertips is a decisive factor!

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