The guide to B2B sales success in the fruit and vegetable sector

Paola E. Haiat
December 21, 2023

According to Grand View Research, the value of the fruit and vegetable market in the United States will grow from $244 bn in 2020 to $989 bn by the end of 2025, while the European equivalent is expected to increase at a more modest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% over the same period. (MordorIntelligence). To share in this expansion, your business will need to take a long hard look at  sales and marketing to ensure it is as competitive and relevant as it can be.

If ‘Covid’ has taught us anything it is that digital tools are here to stay. After all Zoom is our new conference room! So, how are you going to embrace the new world of digital sales and marketing to ensure you are a ‘net winners’ in the fruit and vegetable sector?

Here are some suggestions.

How can I improve my B2B sales in the fruit and vegetable sector?

1. An online presence. In our previous blog we talked about the importance of marketing addressing areas such as social networking, a clean website, an online catalogue and, in general, managing our online reputation.

It is highly likely that your clients will want to know more about your company and will research the internet before approaching you. If your ‘web presence’ doesn’t ‘look that part’, you may not get the call or indeed the order!

2. Find out what your customers really want to buy. Do you mostly sell the same produce to the same customers? Repeat business is to be applauded – it is the very foundation of your business. However, with an online catalog, you will find it easier to win attract new business. Your products beautifully presented and your buyers can at last see the full range of produce you have on offer, and they tend to buy more from you. And what’s more – you look like a business that has embraced the digital age.

Let’s not under-estimate the power of perception. If your front office looks great, the presumption is that the rest of business is great too! As the Chairman of one of the US airlines once commented “If there are stains on the flip down trays, it means we don’t service the engines!” So, take a long hard look at online marketing and digital catalogs.

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3. Corporate culture. Building a company culture requires a clear and unambiguous vision and a business model, values and philosophy that supports it.

In general, customers look for suppliers that share their vision. This is why other factors such as environmental protection, quality standards and green credentials are so highly valued. If you have any questions about quality standards, here’s a blog that examines the subject.

4. Find ways to establish long-lasting connections. The fruit and vegetable B2B sector is known for establishing relationships that last for years and even generations. Once a client and supplier get to know each other and reach an agreement, it tends to be sustainable.

This is why it is so important for your communications to be effective at all times, for orders to be error-free and for the produce to be delivered in the best possible condition. Whether you are a producer, wholesaler or a supermarket section manager, having a system that unifies your business will help improve operations and communications. This in turn will underpin the long term relationships you are hoping to develop and maintain.

Consentio can help with all of the above!


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