Why consume seasonal fruits and vegetables?

Paola E. Haiat
December 21, 2023

Eating tomatoes in a salad in the middle of December or drinking orange juice in the middle of August are things that in the past would not even have been considered. Why? Well, because they are out of season.

What are seasonal fruits and vegetables?

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are those that are offered when their natural harvesting period is over.This means that they have followed “natural” cycles of production without theintervention of any external factors, and also not that they have been transported from other places where the climate is conducive to their off-season cultivation.

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables has many benefits for your body and for the environment. Here are some of them:

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1. They retain their nutrients better. Since they are at their optimum ripening point, their vitamin levels,and in the case of fruits their sugar level, are in the ideal state for consumption.

2. They are less expensive. They are cheaper to produce, as they do not require greenhouses or air or sea transport, which makes seasonal fruits and vegetables more affordable.

3. Reducing the environmental impact. Fruit and vegetables that are not in season will require extra efforts, such as bringing them from tropical areas, which implies CO2 emissions for their transportation, also their production in greenhouses may imply a consequent consumption of water and electricity during their cultivation.

4. Nature finds a balance. Potatoes for the winter where we need extra energy to get through the cold or watermelon for the summer where we need hydration: nature provides us with what we need. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables makes it easier to give your body what it needs.

Many initiatives promote the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and in supermarkets you can find some sections where they give you advice on which fruits or vegetables are suitable for each season of the year.

Don't know what fruits and vegetables to eat in February? Here are some ideas:

february fruits

february vegetabes

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