What characterizes organic fruit and vegetables

Paola E. Haiat
December 21, 2023

A couple ofweeks ago we interviewed Enrique Romero for an episode of our podcast, Consentio Talks, where he told us that organic fruit and vegetables have special characteristics that have nothing to do with a marketing strategy, but with the care that has been put into their production.

Recovering some of the things that came up in the conversation, we decided to take a lookat the production characteristics and the product itself to understand a littlemore about what organic fruit and vegetables are.

Depending on your geographical location you may know them as bio (biological), organic or ecological (eco) products. No matter what you call them, here aresome facts.


Characteristics of the crops

- They do not rely on chemicals. A product is organic when the fruit or vegetablehas been grown without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or anyother kind of chemicals.

- They make the most of crop rotation. This technique allows the renewal of nutrients and minerals in the soil allowing it to recover naturally.

- They are supported by the fauna. By not using pesticides and still having theneed to be unaffected by pests, organic fruits and vegetables take advantage of nature and rely on insects that can benefit the crops.


- Although there are no characteristics that completely differentiate them from other products, normally organic fruits and vegetables are transported with products that have also been grown under an organic label.

Physical characteristics of the fruits and vegetables

- Uniqueness: organic fruit and vegetables differ from regular ones in their physical composition. Have you ever been in a supermarket where the product seems to betaken from a film? Well, these superstars allow themselves to be unique: organic fruit and vegetables are irregular, they tend to have different colors and sizes.

- Price: normally organic fruit and vegetables do not have the same price as other products, since they have had a different production process and the investment made for their production tends to be higher.



Now, how doyou know when you buy that a product is organic?

In supermarkets you can find parts dedicated specifically to these products, the certification allows to assure that the products have been produced with the characteristics mentioned in this article.

- There are various certifications such as the European Organic Seal (Euro Leaf),local organic seal of national certification depending on the country where itis produced such as the USDA organic in the United States or the JAS in Japan.

- The certifications take into account that they meet at least 95% ofeffectiveness aspects such as sustainable production, knowledge of the origin of fruits and vegetables, and the registration of production and distribution.

Organic fruit and vegetables have all the above characteristics, but also have behind them many people working to provide the consumer with quality products. Do you grow organic fruit and vegetables and need a tool to centralize all your operations? Request your demo at the top of this page.

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