Third competition for the most beautiful fruit & vegetable shelf

March 27, 2024

Consentio, Magazine Végétable and Je Bosse En Grande Distribution organize the third Jeu Concours for the most beautiful fruit & vegetable shelf in 2024.

Following the enthusiastic response to the first two editions, no doubt that the event is enjoying well-established and growing popularity! Benoît Motais, from Consentio: "This competition brings joy to the shelves, to the teams and to the whole sector, because the event leads to a lot of posts, particularly on social media, and benefits from wide-ranging, positive communication! Of course, it's a competition, but it's a healthy one, just like the products grown and marketed by the sector."

Consentio is keen to encourage dialogue, knowledge-sharing and collaboration between the various players involved. The competition is a fun way of approaching a range of subjects related to sourcing and in-store supply. However, nothing is possible without the motivated participation of sponsors in the industry. Benoît: "Providing financial support for the competition as a company, whatever its size, ensures high visibility with supermarket buyers in particular, and access to powerful marketing tools that can reach a wide B2B audience."

This year, Consentio - initiator of the competition - has joined forces with Végétable, a publication recognized for its expertise in the sector, from production to shelves, and Je Bosse En Grande Distribution, a dynamic media and community grouping (almost) all supermarket professionals.

Consentio develops digital solutions and aims to facilitate commercial exchanges and communication between the different parties in the supply chain, thus promoting an appropriate offer at points of sale: quality, assortment, origin, seasonality, presentation... The competition highlights the importance of an appropriate offer, encourages sharing on this subject between participants and their suppliers, and ultimately promotes the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Stay tunned for the kick-off on Consentio!

One of the winners of the last edition: Steven Michel and his team from E.Leclerc Saint-Nazaire, together with Jonathan LeBorgne (JBEGD), Emanuelle Pellé (Végétable) and Benoît Motais (Consentio).

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