"The introduction of Consentio has positioned us as a cutting-edge leader in the industry.", discover Alsum Farms & Produces testimonial!

December 21, 2023

Consentio operates in the US market and proudly serves many clients, including Alsum Farms & Produce. Alsum operates as two divisions, they are a leading grower of potatoes and pumpkins and also operate as a national wholesaler of fresh produce. Alsum’s primary clients are retailers, and they generate annual revenues of some $75 million. Despite challenges such as labor shortages and weather uncertainties, their ambitious goal is to reach $100 million in revenue.

We had the opportunity to discuss Alsum’s objectives and their experience with our platform with Jess Jedlowski, responsible for E-Commerce and Sales at Alsum:

Our pains and onboarding

“We were introduced to Consentio by Andy Makeham (Managing Director USA, at Consentio). We were at the time producing a weekly paper 21-page catalog, which was a costly and inefficient way of communicating with our customers and we saw Consentio as a means of streamlining the process. Transitioning from paper to Consentio’s digital platform was smooth and speedy thanks to the exceptional support provided by the Consentio team.”

Overview of achievements

Alsum is a successful company and the staff are naturally proud of their processes, so any suggested change must justify itself. The convenience of Consentio’s catalog sales quickly won hearts and minds both within the business and amongst the customers, who appreciated the modern, mobile ordering experience. The introduction of Consentio has positioned Alsum Farms & Produces as a cutting-edge leader in the industry.

In terms of short-term ROI, our customers genuinely appreciate the platform, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty. The positive impacts have been numerous, ranging from improved customer experiences which in turn has led to increased sales. “Consentio has been going great! I have signed up  several new customers to the ‘app’. The customers love it and so do I! I’m very excited about our future with Consentio. A big thank you to Consentio the team and the product! “

Learning from our daily customers’ insights, Consentio strives to create relevant tools to help them to achieve their business goals. Experience it for yourself, contact us here!

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