Sustainable agrotech startups 2021

Paola E. Haiat
December 21, 2023

When technology meets sustainability, great things can happen! Facing the challenge of feeding a population of 9.1 billion people by 2050 and in preparation for this moment, food production will have to be increased by 70%! Many sustainable Agrotech startups have been created with the intention of helping innovate and revolutionise a sector that allows millions of people to have fresh food on their plates.

Let us take a look at some of them:

Sustainable agrotech startups

Greenfield: How about a trip to the future? Thanks to the predictive model of this Spanish startup, the future is just a click away. The platform they have developed ensures crops avoid variables that could destroy them, preventing waste and economic loss. Additional functionalities include a system that advises farmers on the best dates for their harvest as well astopographical surveys and the possibility of counting plants.

BigSis: Worried about crop chemicals? BigSis is. This startup, with a presence in England and in four US states, has come up with an innovative solution that stops pests reaching a level of infestation that endsup killing crops, keeps fauna under control and ensures an improved harvest yield and quality.

BioAgro: Saving water is a concern shared by many producers and the Spanish startup BioAgro knows it. Its platform uses an intelligent system to calibrate soil moisture, which allows farmers to water their crops according to the characteristics of the soil and microclimate and have complete information 24 hours a day. A proposal that saw the startup receive the EIT Foods 'WaterScarcity' award in 2020.

agrotech startups 2021

Phenix: Is one of your aims to have zero waste in your business? Don't worry, this French startup has already thought of all the possible outlets for surplus food: from sales at a reduced price to donations to associations or charities, with Phenix, there is now no need to throw away more food!

CO2Revolution: The carbon footprint is a problem that cannot be ignored and this startup born in Navarra, Spain, has entered the market with the intention of offsetting emissions. Through the creation of complete and sustainable ecosystems – even in areas of difficult access – this project ensures the reforestation not only of trees, but also of flowers, grass and shrubs. They have already reforested some 10,000 hectares, offsetting 500,000tons of CO2!

Livestock Water Recycling: Do you believe in multitasking? How about reducing greenhouse emissions, concentrating and segregating nutrients to have a fertilisation strategy, while also recycling and reusing water? All this while claiming a minimum ROI of between 20% and 30%. This startup based in Calgary, Canada, offers an all-in-one solution for the agricultural sector.


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