"Our customer portfolio has increased significantly"

January 26, 2024

TESTIMONIAL - Vitale, a F&V wholesaler in Cavaillon, has been using Consentio for two years:

Vitale, a family business established over 3 generations, is located on the MIN in Cavaillon. It has operated as a split business for sometime now, mixing remote transactions with direct sales on the tile floor (on the market). In 2021, Vitale selected Consentio to ease the burden of ever-increasing trading volumes hampered by old technology including phone, email and ‘post-it’ notes. Systems needed to be streamlined if the business was to be scalable.

Julien Crespo, who joined Vitale 3 years ago, is the driving force behind the company's digital transformation. He tells us: "Our two activities complement each other perfectly, even though paperless sales are on the increase, and physical exchanges at the MIN represent a decreasing share. When I arrived, it was becoming very complicated to manage all the different orders from supermarkets, restaurants, specialist retailers and public organizations - they were arriving by email, telephone, sms, photos, etc. - and to prepare everything in time for delivery." Julien explored options for digitizing sales operations... and quickly found Consentio.

Julien: "The challenge was how to increase our sales volumes and develop our business when we were struggling with such complexity and variety of orders from buyers who didn't know exactly what they were buying! It was very inefficient and created a lot of headaches and wasted time. Consentio offered us a solution that was perfectly adapted to our needs and was easy to implement without impacting business continuity. The team at Consentio supported us throughout integration, deployment and development of the system. Benoît Motais (Consentio Account Manager) is a great partner for Vitale, discussing our business challenges, helping identify potential solutions, and showing us how new features within the Consentio platform can help our business.

Consentio has allowed Vitale to create a webshop, containing an online catalog that is well-designed and always up-to-date and offering an attractive range of products that are easy to order. Mistakes are a thing ofthe past as the buyers are now perfectly aware of what they are buying. What's more, communication with customers is much improved with instant messaging, a key element at the heart of the Consentio solution. Enthusiastic Julien confides: "So far, it's a 100% success story: no customer has balked inthe use of the platform. On the contrary, they've taken to Consentio  without hesitation, because it's easy to use and gives them all the information they need at a glance. We're in daily contact with all our customers. I'd even go so far as to say that the communication we now have with our customers is more intense and genuine than ever before."

The importance of an attractive, up-to-date offering

Vitale has consciously invested in a digital tool. The Consentio solution is easy to use and highly intuitive. The catalog must therefore be perfect. Julien, responsible for daily price and range updates, makes this a point of honor: "It's our shop window, our online marketplace! Customers who order via Consentio trust us. The information must be clear and up-to-date: origin, price, size... And thanks to the 'BIO','special offer' and 'new products' sections, we increase the visibility of our available products, and in many cases, we gain in sales per customer. The Consentio platform helps our customers discover more products that can be sourced from Vitale."

The Vitale online store is truly an example of best practice. Benoît Motais confirms "I refer to the Vitale catalog as a great example for our new customers and prospects. It really is 'Wow!': attractive, clear, up to date... it grabs the attention and conveys the promises that Vitale then makes true. Comprehensive information supported by realistic photos. It makes huge savings in time, efficiency and reduces waste”.

David and Benjamin Vitale, father and son, run the company together

Evolving together

Benoît Motais, the Consentio Success Manager working with Vitale, assisted from the start. Julien: "The need was clear, and the Consentio solution had the potential to solve a number of problems. It worked perfectly: the human and technical support was more than up to the task, Benoît was always available and advised us, helping us in our journey to digitalize the offer. Today, he's sharing with us the new developments at Consentio, so that we can benefit from new features and new product releases. At Vitale we are always striving to improve and to embrace the new digital opportunities. Our partnership with Consentio has been a great success and I am keen to see what the future brings”.

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