Fresh produce supply chains: why automate?

December 21, 2023

Most companies in the consumer goods sector have eagerly embraced automation to improve efficiencies and streamline their supply chains. Indeed, most today could not imagine running their businesses without such automation.


The fresh produce sector, however, has historically been more cautious, and slower to adopt technology. This is now changing, with many fresh produce companies recognizing the transformational power of automation.


Many players, large and small, are now embracing automation, and indeed many technology companies now offer relevant and competitive solutions for fresh produce.


Why automate?


There are several good reasons to automate fresh produce trading transactions. Let’s review some of these:


Operational efficiency: Sales automation can save time and optimize businessprocesses. Manual tasks such as order management can readily be automated, reducing human error, speeding up workflows and freeing up time to focus on other aspects of the business.


Stock management: With perishable stock, effective stock management is vital. Automation can help manage fruit and vegetable stocks in real time, monitoring stock levels and product turnover. This minimizes spoilage losses, optimizes refill orders and prevents stock-outs, which can improve customer satisfaction.


Personalizing customer experience: Sales automation can collect and analyze data on customer preferences, buying patterns and behaviors.This information can be used to individualize the customers experience, providing targeted offers, special promotions and product recommendations, which can boost sales and build customer loyalty.


Streamlined order management: Automation can make order management easier, providing online ordering and delivery tracking options. This can simplify sales processes, minimize order errors and improve customer satisfaction.


Data analysis for decision making: Automation enables the collection and analysis of data on sales performance, market trends, etc. This data can be used to make more informed decisions on pricing, promotions, sales strategies and other aspects of the business. All of these can improve the profitability of the business.


Sales Automation: Last but not least is sales automation, delivering key data helping companies remain competitive and sustainable. Not only the usual time and money savings, but also the creationof a modern working environment leading to more motivated staff delivering better performance driving improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced costs and sales growth is not just a laudable ambition but a realistic expectation through the wise use of technology and automation.


At Consentio we specialize in technology and automation for fresh produce trading.


We aim to be your ‘go to’ partner in this field to help you successfully automate your business, with sector specific solutions tailored to you, your activities and your future prospects.

"Thanks to Consentio we have streamlined order entry with retail orders now automatically updating ERP in seconds. This massively simplifies my workload, freeing up timethat I can now devote to more productive tasks", shares Stéphane Chabrol - Key Accounts Manager for Anecoop France, a delegation of Anecoop, the biggest cooperative in Spain.

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