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December 21, 2023

Consentio’s vision is to shape the future of food, so you may have seen us at the  Foodtechnology World Summit that took place in Bilbao, last May 16-18.

Addressing the food industry challenges today and tomorrow

Consentio shared a stand together with other TITAN partners whose common goal is to improve supply chain transparency, innovation whilst increasing sustainability across the whole food supply chain.

Consentio participated in many workshops showcasing our philosophy and community, demonstrating how our solutions meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s fast-moving freshfood industry. Vincent Rosso, co-founder and co-CEO at Consentio commented “Consentio seeks to improve and protect three key elements of the supply and value chain: we call them ‘food security’, ‘food loss’ and ‘food trace’.”

Traceability was the subject that Vincent’s keynote addresses : “Traceability is a hot topic and will become more crucial in the coming years. There are massive gains to be made by creating a common language across the many participants and partners and through the automation of supply chain transactions. With our solutions, we go even further by supporting traceability of sustainability data. We already deliver incredible added value to the whole chain, and our contribution will continue to grow as we together face the supply chain challenges of tomorrow and for the years to come.”

Opportunities in Food Supply Traceability: 4 experts to discuss challenges and solutions during F4F 2023

TITAN partner

Consentio is part of the TITAN EU-founded project, which brings together public and private enterprises using a co-creation approach to demonstrate how transparency-related innovations are essential for creating a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system.

Our role in TITAN can be summarized as follows:

In order to increase efficiency of commercial transactions, Consentio will develop

· A common description language for fresh produce, addressing key areas such social and sustainability parameters to increase the transparency of produce
· A buying algorithm to assist the Retailer’s Fresh Produce Purchasing Managers to give them a broader view of the produce available for purchase. Price and availability will no longer be the sole buying drivers.

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