Ensuring Business Continuity: The Importance of Technological Solutions

December 21, 2023

Business continuity is the number one priority in our industry. Every day, we must strive for efficiency to deliver to all of our customers. We must ensure the successful execution and organization of 100% of our daily orders. At the end of the supply chain, we encounter demanding consumers who may not always understand the efforts made by all the suppliers and distributors involved in delivering a diverse range of fresh produce to the consumer’s table on a daily basis.

At the heart of a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable industry, there is little room for improvisation and absolutely no room for supply chain disruptions. It is unthinkable to experience downtime, given that systems have become indispensable and help us manage our operations with meticulous precision.

Consentio is a technological tool that integrates your ERP system and your customers' orders. This intelligent solution allows you to manage 100% of your customers' orders, even if your ERP system is experiencing issues.

Jonathan Goumon, our Sales Manager, explains that "Consentio is not intended to replace an ERP system, but it provides you with additional security and peace of mind to fulfill all of your orders. This is especially important in today's world, where cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and ERP systems undergo significant changes and updates."

Using Consentio provides extra security to secure your business!

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