Digitalization, at the heart of company strategy

February 28, 2024

TESTIMONIAL - Ame Haslé, a Fruit, Vegetable, Meat and Seafood wholesaler based in Melesse, France, joined the Consentio buy-sell ecosystem a year ago : today, it claims to be "Connected, unburdened and secure”.

For 40 years, Ame Haslé has worked daily with local producers, fishermen and other suppliers to deliver quality products to its customers, constantly adapting to their needs, while remaining focused on their core markets. Affiliated with the Creno group since 1991, Ame Haslé benefits from a solid supply infrastructure in the main production areas across France and abroad. The entire team is customer focused, working to satisfy customers, in the catering sector, by meeting demand and also by proactively proposing ever more attractive, seasonal and sustainable products. Exploration doesn't stop with the product: acquiring new customers is also a major focus for the sales team.

Digitalization, the key to development

Jean-Baptiste LOIRAT is responsible for the Fruits & Vegetables division at Ame Haslé. He is also in charge of the company's digital transformation, a mission which led him to discover and adopt the Consentio platform. Initially a field salesman, his role over the last two years has grown as the company’s digitization strategy has evolved. In his opinion, it is necessary and brings opportunities: "You have to live with the times and know how to create new chances with modern digital tools!"

Fruit and vegetables were the first to undergo a digital transition at the wholesaler. Jean-Baptiste embarked on the adventure with Consentio: "The platform is easy to use, but also easy to sell to our customers because it's so intuitive. For us, it's an indispensable tool for both buying and selling." The implementation of the system - including the catalog solution and an online store - went very well. The immediate benefits drove the company to deploy the tool across their entire product range, including the meat and seafood categories.

Jean-Baptiste continues: "Today, Consentio is an integral part of our development strategy. When we realized the benefits Consentio's intelligent, scalable digital solution could bring to our very specific fresh produce business, it quickly became clear to us that the tool would help us grow, both in terms of sourcing products, and in terms of customer development." Jean-Baptiste’s objectives with Consentio don't stop at the online shop window: he is keen to further digitalize Ame Haslé's operations by automating orders in an integrated manner, connected to their ERP. With this task freeing up his time, he plans to prospect and expand his downstream market. "I've noticed that more and more customers are looking for digital applications and solutions to facilitate trade. For us, it's a big plus to be one step ahead. Developments are happening almost daily, but I'm not worried, because I'm well supported. The Consentio team is very present, suggesting improvements and helping us to make better use of the tool, which is constantly being developed to meet our needs".

And on a day-to-day basis?

Jean-Baptiste, who is convinced of the need for the fresh produce sector and his wholesale business to evolve by adopting digital technology, doesn't stop at extolling the virtues of Consentio. As a user of the platform himself, he admits he enjoys it. "This way, I have no trouble introducing the system to my sales contacts: there's plenty of support available to expand one's knowledge and mastery of the platform, and to explain how it works to a colleague or customer!"

The wholesaler, who markets a wide and varied range of products, has built up product catalogs which he updates with just a few clicks. "On the platform, you can access our entire catalog - Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Seafood. It's clear and easy for everyone. No more typing errors - in fact, we've already forgotten what they are!" Ame Haslé has also seen an increase in the average shopping basket, thanks to new products in all three categories.

Last but not least, the platform enables Jean-Baptiste to proactively reach out to new customers and suppliers. This energizes his day-to-day business and allows him to be more ambitious. "We want to be a driving force behind sales, not just an intermediary." At first, there was some resistance to the idea of digitizing exchanges and transactions for fear of losing contact with the customer. But this has proven not to be the case! "On the contrary, the relationship with the customers and suppliers has intensified. Previously, lots of orders came in via answering machines. Today, I can converse in real time with my partners via the Consentio platform. Honestly, my day-to-day life, and that of my customers is all the better for Consentio."

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