Behind the screen, at Consentio

December 21, 2023

With Consentio being the global success that it is, the new Product Manager, Laurentine Costecalde, is naturally super busy analyzing, developing, implementing... she nevertheless takes the time to answer THREE QUESTIONS, for our great pleasure 😊!

Where are you from, what's your background and most importantly why did you join Consentio?

I'm from the south of France, and over the past 15 years I've been lucky enough to live and work in Sweden, the Netherlands, and now Spain.

My career path has been driven by a passion for development and innovation. I started at Philips, where I explored the world of electronics, and then brought my expertise to the agri-food sector at Danone. What really motivated me is to see how products as simple as razors or yogurts can meet the real needs of consumers. I joined Consentio 6 months ago because I wanted to be responsible for a product built using the very latest technology and techniques that would take me into the heart of digital world. Equally important, I wanted to work for a company with a clear mission and I was won over by Consentio's vision of using the power of technology to protect the food we eat.

What is your role within the company, the teams and the customers?

I am Product Manager at Consentio. My role is to be attentive to the needs and wishes of our customers, and then to translate these needs into "tangible" solutions. This mission requires me to work closely with all internal teams: first and foremost, sales and customer support, who share my mission of listening to customers. Secondly, I work hand-in-hand with the technical and development teams on a daily basis to design innovative and robust solutions with guaranteed product quality. Last (but not least!) I work with the marketing team in developing our communication strategies.

How do you see digital solutions evolving in the sector?

In the fruit and vegetable sector, I find individuals who are truly passionate about their trade and have exceptional expertise and product knowledge. Their dedication to the sector is remarkable. However many are burdened by repetitive administrative tasks which consume a substantial part of their time, distracting them from their true vocation. The digital transformation that is driving change in many fields has positive advantages: most notably saving time and money whilst reducing errors. It reduces the ‘admin’ overhead, accelerates business processes such as order flow, and allows the end user to focus on their passion… the fruits and vegetables.

My aim is to put easy-to-use, relevant technology in the hands of these enthusiasts. I want to give them the opportunity to devote themselves fully to what drives them, so that each and every one of us can continue to enjoy the delicious produce that is fruit and vegetables every day!

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