Avoiding food loss for a fruits and vegetables business

Paola E. Haiat
December 21, 2023

In one ofour latest blog, we talked about shrinkage. To recap, shrinkage is a loss resulting from a lack of inventory control, from misinformation that turns into economic losses for a business. However, shrinkage is not the only way these losses can be realized.

What can cause companies to lose fruits and vegetables?

1. Logistical failures

From inadequate transportation without optimal refrigeration to inventory disorganization that results in shipments to be lost.


2. Quality control problems

Every company has different quality control benchmarks. We have a blog talking about the general features to take into account, but the losses here are generated mainly when shipping a product does not meet the standards that were agreed upon at the beginning, leading to the customer to reject the product.

3. Failure to forecast production/sales

Producing more product than what was on demand, or buying too much that consumers want, are two elements that inevitably lead to waste, since fruits and vegetables have a short life cycle that, once expired, can only be discarded.



How can we avoid fruit and vegetable losses in a company?

Day by day more and more innovations are available to have a close tracking within the fruit and vegetable sector. From RFDI technologies, which allow a better traceability, to devices or applications to measure the ripening of fruits and have guidelines to harvesting, transportation and supply to the final consumer.

1. Look for a reliable system

A system where you can keep all the information of your orders will allow you not only to have an adequate control, but will also help you to make forecasts based onthe behavior of your business.


2. Update in real time

Being in control also means that all parties always have the latest details, in realtime, whether it is between the members of a sales team or the central purchasing supermarkets. Informed customers and suppliers, will be successful sales and purchases.


3. Present accurately what you are going to sell/buy

Quality control is an important factor, but also knowing what the customer will receive is vital. Showing catalogs or looking at them makes it easier to trust and avoid disappointments that end in waste. Again, information is vital, but so is reliability.  


4. Maintain a good relationship withyour suppliers and customers

A businessis made up of teams, not only internal, but also with suppliers, carriers and customers. Long-lasting relationships in the produce business are vital to enable the system to work and may be one of the most important factors in avoiding food waste.


Do you believe that these tips can help you improve your fruit and vegetable business and avoid losses? Consentio offers you these solutions with its chats, order control through the platform, customized charts and the team’s function.

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