Consentio for Point of Sales

We can be the ‘virtual hub’ of your business, embracing your sales and purchasing teams, your franchisees in their stores, your supermarkets buying from the HQ or central purchase departments. We unify your business and remove the drudgery.

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Real-time product information and communication

Checking the availability, real time price and product details of various products from your suppliers can be a lot of work. Scavenging through endless excels spredsheets to find your essential purchase information is a hassle. Consentio provides all the product information you need, plus real visuals of what you buy, in one clear overview. The information is up to date and real-time - both for availability and pricing.

The valuable business relationships that you have are easily improved and maintained using the social features of Consentio. The result? Our customers find that ordering can be 3 times faster! And with your smartphone, you can access and place orders from anywhere at anytime.

Order & repeat

Consentio provides a detailed order history, enabling you to repeat an order with the click of a button, and order with live prices! The need to check price lists manually is a thing of the past.

Furthermore, you are able to have your order shipped to your preferred location. The days of shipping to the wrong address are behind you. You can quickly amend the preferred shipping location within the transport parameters.

And on the fare occasion you make a mistake, processing a claim within Consentio couldn’t be simpler!

Our platform gives you the information you need to better control what you spent. With Consentio you focus on winning better deals and providing your end consumers with the best fresh produce!

Integrate your data

We can integrate Consentio with your current systems. Spending hundreds of hours, or even having dedicated and expensive administrative teams allocated to manually entering orders into the ERP - we automate. Ensuring its mistake free and efficient.

You want your people to focus on the core of trade, which is actual trading. Let Consentio take care of the administration, and see your entire team become more productive!

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