Senior Backend Engineer - Remote

Consentio is a digital platform for B2B fresh produce commerce. From farm to fork; we streamline communication, data flows and payment for a seamless buying & selling experience. Our mission to bring the convenience of B2C online purchasing tools that we all know and love all the way to the fresh produce supply chain.

Our goal is to sharpen communication and transparency for producers, wholesalers and supermarkets so that every business transaction is optimized - existing business relationships transferred to the digital space to prevent logistical issues in times of crisis - and, also to reduce administrative tasks so our clients can focus on the main thing that drives business: their customers.

There are 88 million tonnes of food that are lost or wasted annually in Europe, and of this, a large percentage comes from tossed fruits and vegetables. This is a consequence of supply chain inefficiencies such as: a fragmented market, power dynamic imbalances, lack of real-time analytics, and many other pains that have historically rattled the industry. Consentio’s business connecting platform was born in the hope that it could directly address reducing food loss and increasing profit – a desirable combination the industry is desperately calling for.

The challenges

We have created a platform which mixes real-time capabilities from messaging apps with structure and reliability from enterprise systems. Fruits and vegetables can't be stored for a long time and that's why we need a bullet-proof platform for trading.‍‍

  • Security: Trade data is key for our clients and us. To protect the data is part of our mission.
  • Performance: Never a platform is a too-fast platform. Latency and speed is UX, UX is more business for our clients.
  • High availability and resilience: our clients use the platform for hours everyday and try-later is not an option
  • Software design: we have to keep a minimum basal cost of software to continue adding value to our clients at the right pace.

How do we work?

We work in cross-functional product teams with engineers (backend and frontend) and product designers.  Despite the fact engineers are specialists of one tech/tool, we work with a t-shape mindset where we're all generalists in the rest of topics.We are problem solvers over software developers and that means that we participate in the complete flow of a feature. Software engineers usually do all these actions:

  • Participate in discovery/inception sessions with business and UX
  • Refine with UX/Product until proposal is ready
  • Design, do implement-test cycles
  • Demo to the rest of the company to get  feedback
  • Deploy to alpha/beta/production
  • Ensure feature is used and useful
  • Track bugs

We do two-week sprint cycles with a final session where we communicate to the rest of the company what we achieved and ask for feedback. Despite the fact we have 2-week cycles for development, we use to deploy to production several times a day using feature-toggling.Do you want to know more? You can look who's who in the team

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone with experience writing decoupled, tested and good-quality API services.

Our backend stack is mainly in Go but we also have some minor service in Typescript. We would like you to have previous experience in Go. However it's not really required to have go experience if you have 4 years of experience in another non-functional language (i.e. python, ruby, c, php, rust). Knowledge about data-pipelines, ETL and integrations with external systems is also interesting.

We have a strong collaboration culture and we do pair programming daily to learn from other modules/stacks, to prevent knowledge silos and to create better software. We would expect from you that you feel energized and to be active in these pairing sessions.

At Consentio, we work with people from 4 different countries so English is the official language for communication. You don't have to be the next Shakespeare, but a minimum level of English, written and spoken, is expected for this position

.Working remotely has many advantages but also requires an extra effort of communication and responsibility, so we understand that the following skills are essential: self-management, fluid communication, respect, and inclusiveness.

What we offer?

  • International environment
  • 100% remote and flexible schedule.
  • Bank holidays from your local city
  • Quarterly engineering meetups, 2 days of retrospective sessions, hacking, team building and leisure **
  • Yearly global all hands, 3 days of team building and leisure sessions for all the company **
  • Macbook Pro & monitor

*** suspended due to COVID*

Our hiring process

The hiring process will have 4 steps. All these steps will be done in a short time, and you will receive feedback of each one.

  1. Personal interview (1h) Informal meeting with CTO.
    Let's know each other!
  2. Tech test (2-3h )It consist in three stages:

    Stage 1: Code kata: pairing session with some of our team. if you don't know go you can pick another language you are more comfortable with.

    Stage 2: Tech discussion: given a problem discuss different solutions with others. It won't be whiteboard algorithm testing. Goal is to know how do you think and defend your proposals.

    Stage 3: Show me the code: we can show you our architecture and code to let you know  better the way we work.
  3. English Test (15min)

    A short call to test your english
  4. CEO (30m)

    They also want  to know you. It's the right time to any question you may have about the company.

I'm interested, now what?

Write to with subject BENG1 and your Linkedin / CV.

We'll get in touch shortly.

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